Kyoto, a former Japanese capital, has a history of 1200 years. Even now, despite its rapid transformations, Kyoto stands proudly as Japan’s one of the most culturally-prosperous cities. Its historical sites and ancient atmosphere make Kyoto never miss out tourists’ attention. Moreover, the various festivals, ceremonies, and traditional industries, such as Gion Festival, Japanese flower arrangement, and Nishijin-brocade, constantly contribute to nurture the unique culture. Kyoto is not a city which simply settles for the current situation. Instead, it is always striving towards change and development. Kyoto is, and always will be, a living historical city.


Kyoto has as many as 17 world heritages, and countless tourist attractions. Seeing them all might just take a life time! Here is a list of the sites that you just cannot afford to miss.


To compete with Golden Pavilion, Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) was initially built with the silver-foil cover, but was halted due to the war. This unfinished" appearance illustrates one of the aspects of "wabi-sabi" quality, and the Sand Japanese Garden has become particularly well known.


Kiyomizu-dera is famous for its registered national treasure, a Main Hall situated on top of the cliff with a wooden balcony that offers grand panoramic views of the city. Also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Gion is one of the most culturally comprehensive areas in Kyoto, and offers a variety of traditional and historic stores. In addition, Gion Corner is home for refined Japanese traditional performing arts that are popular among international tourists.


Heian-jingu was built in dedication to Emperor Kammu in 1895. Despite of its comparatively short history, it stands as a reproduction of the first Imperial Palace of Kyoto with elegance that has demanded high appreciation in society.


Within reach from the center of Kyoto, there is a place called Sagano where you can fully indulge yourself in the profound nature. Here presents the tourists a different face of Kyoto, making a journey full of varieties.


A picture is worth a thousand words as these listed experiences are just only a very small part of them. We guarantee that your experience in this beautiful city will be cherished as an once-in-a-lifetime one!


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